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Website Revamp

Already have a website built but it just needs revamping? This package deal is for you!


We are here to help those starting product business, service industry business, a branding site for artist, and so much more!


What you will receive:

- Entire website / design revamping (to match your logo and branding)

- Colors, fonts, logo implementation

- Collection Banners

- Product display revamping

- & more!


This will NOT be an overnight process. This could take days or even weeks depending on the depth of your brand/shop!

This can usually be a 7-14 day process. Turnaround times depend on YOU and how quickly you respond! IF YOU'D LIKE A QUICKER TURNAROUND TIME (2-4 DAYS ROUGHLY) PLEASE PLACE 'RUSH MY ORDER' IN YOUR CART!



- Business Name

- Logo

- Brand colors

- Slogan/Punchline (if available)

- Your vision / what you would like to see!


For BOOKING SITES, I will also need:

- List of services and prices (please include price variations if applicable. (ex- Nails $50, Add Jewels $60)

- Duration (time) of each service

- Pictures (optional)

- Schedule (availability)

- Policies (booking policy, cancellation policy, deposits, etc)


For PRODUCT BASED SITES, I will also need:

- Product names and prices (please include variations + price differences if applicable)(ex- Shirts in sizes S-5XL, XL-5XL is +$5, etc.)

- Product pictures

- Product descriptions (if any)

- Policies (return policies, etc)

**Shopify and WIX only!**


If you are needing help with a full start up (LOGO, branding, etc. please check out our other package deals BEFORE purchasing! 


    This price includes DESIGN & SET UP ONLY! You will need to go to ( or and purchase a plan in order to actually run (sell or book) your site!

    If you do not want the stress of running your own website, please consider our 'Continued Web Help' option! We will run your site and keep designs updated!

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